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Maiden's Heart
Dusty Wind
Monsoon Birds

Welcome to Stonewall Creations! A world filled with good music is our goal. Perfection and Completeness is our motto.

After the successful and critically acclaimed maiden venture of the album "Magizhampoo Maalaiyiley" (Evening Blossoms), Stonewall Creations has launched six wonderful albums "Virali" (Gypsy), "Thathai Nenjam" (Maiden's Heart), "Puzhuthi Kaatrey" (Dusty Wind), "Netrichutti" (Jewel), "Mazhaikaala Paravaigal" (Monsoon Birds), and "Vellai Thaaliley" (Dear Lover).

Our albums feature the voices of the great singers Vani Jairam, T.M.Sounderarajan, S.P.Balasubramanyam, P.Jayachandran, Harish Raghavendra, Karthik, Uma Ramanan, Deepan Chakravarthi, S.N.Surendar, Krishnaraj, Srinivas, Balram, Haricharan and Saraswathi. Lyrics by seasoned poets Muthulingam, Gangai Amaran, Kamakodiyan, Piraisoodan and young lyricists Kirutheya, Tholkappian, Kadhalmadhi, Kalyankumar, Andal Priyadarshini, Thenmozhi, M.Sakthinathan and Neelamyle. The songs in all their traditional glory have been composed by M.Sakthinathan. The instruments were played by some of the well known artistes from Chennai.

In an effort to revive the fading light music tradition in Tamil and to restore purity and quality in the lyrics, these albums have been made with utmost care and respect for Tamil language, culture and artistic traditions. The lyrics are filled with emotion, culture, literature and philosophy and are seeped in the beauty of Tamil language. Old-fashioned or modern, the lyrics are puristic and bring out the beauty of the language, the land, the people and more. A standing testimony to the abundance of talent, knowledge and originality that exists among the songwriters but gone underutilized in today's fast music.

The young and upcoming music director M.Sakthinathan has impressed every artiste involved in the creation of the album with the versatility and the depth of knowledge he possesses in southern and northen classical music styles, western, folk and light traditions.

Vani Jairam, nicknamed the Nightingale of India is the Queen voice of the albums. She needs no introduction. Winner of several awards and honors, this softspoken woman transforms into a dominating force as soon as she starts singing, and will keep you spellbound. T.M.Sounderarajan, the greatest of all male playback singers in Tamil Film Music, lends his voice to a beautiful solo.

Current generation singers Harish Rahavendra, Karthik, Srinivas, Balram, Haricharan and Saraswathi and the previous generation singers S.P.Balasubramanyam, P.Jayachandran, Deepan Chakravarthi, S.N.Surendar, Uma Ramanan and Krishnaraj lend their sweet voices to many songs.

Every line in every song will be played over and over by any music enthusiast to enjoy the beauty and depth of the compositions, lyrics and the golden voices, not to mention the rich preludes and interludes.

Some of the special aspects of our albums:

  - Generations of singers, songwriters and musicians join hands to create this music feast
  - First ever Vani Jairam duets with
         Harish Raghavendra, Karthik, Srinivas, Krishnaraj, Uma Ramanan and Saraswathi
  - First ever Jazz Ballad to touch the vocal heights never before touched in Tamil music
  - First ever song recorded by a Tamil singer in his 80s (T.M.Sounderarajan)
  - A story in every song and a story behind every song
  - Songs that express varied emotions and phases of life
  - A love song in which the word "love"(kaadhal) was never used (Vellai Thaaliley)
  - Light, Pop, Tamil Folk, Carnatic, Hindustani, Folk Rock, Country, R&B, Flamenco, Jazz and
         Opera music based compositions
  - The creative work of over 100 artistes under the direction of composer M.Sakthinathan

Look forward to more works of musical perfection from Stonewall Creations.

© 2006 Stonewall Creations